16 June, 2009

Oh the irony...

So last week my roommate sent me the link to a mildly amusing website called passiveaggressivenotes.com. People upload pictures of, obviously, passive aggressive notes they either find or people write to them. So ironically enough, this morning I see this post it note on our door, posted by the same roommate. (The Miles Grant thing is a cut out of our friend's friend Miles who ran for a delegate position in our area and we use him as our little area to post notes to each other on our door).
In case it's too blurry, the note reads: "Miles Grant Says: 'I'm glad nothing happened in the house last night since the study window was wide open all night!'" She designated me as the official window closer at night since I am generally the last one to go to bed. And ooops I missed one! So now I must pay, passively of course.