22 March, 2011

Pursuit #67: Girl v. Woman

Today, a patient at the physical therapy clinic where I work said this to me:

"In here, you look like a girl. But when you are driving, you look like a woman." 
I think he's from India, so I like to think it is a great compliment in his country.
This is coming from the guy who motioned for me to move faster to give him his cold pack one day so he could leave early and go to a party at the senior center. Naturally I assume that those parties are ragin'. I bet they discuss the ladies and how they "drive."

17 March, 2011

Pursuit #66: Going to Iran. Brb.

In this blog entry I described a warp zone (aka weird place) that I visited in the city of Mclean* for laser hair removal.

Well, it truly was a warp zone after all - I just noticed on the business card provided to me by the salon that the city name Mclean is misspelled as "Mclran."

Yep, we're talking q-u-a-l-i-t-y.

*technically it is spelled McLean with a big "L," but close enough for, you know, a business card and all.

13 March, 2011

Pursuit #65: Need to go on a diet?

Go to Mexico!!!

A little "Montezuma's Revenge" + scuba diving off a dingy in Playa del Carmen's choppy waters with strong current = everything inside of you will come outside!

Remember that scene in Stand By Me where the kid throws up after the pie-eating contest, starting a barf-o-rama of everyone throwing up all over? Yeah, that basically happened in Mexico on our dive boat. We like to call it "feeding the fish."