05 February, 2010

Pretty, witty...and GAY!

Neighbours :: Seattle, WA  My first experience at a gay bar was in Seattle with my BYU roommates. Why might you ask would a couple BYU gals traipse over to the awesomely entertaining 80's party at Neighbours gay disco in Seattle? Why not! Although, I must admit I kinda felt voyeuristic since it was more an observational experience than a participatory one, being all BYU-ey and such. My favorite was the guy who rode up on his bicycle wearing bunny ears and spandex and some bunched up white socks with big white sneakers. He hopped about that dance floor like no other discoteching rabbit I've ever seen. His high kicks rivaled those of the famed BYU Cougarettes. Very impressive.

Hell's Kitchen :: NYC  Sokphal and I accompanied our close friend Devin, who had just recently come out and was curious as were we, to a hip gay bar in hip NYC. The reward for our curiosity? A Lance Bass sighting. Jealous!?!

Gay Pride Parade & Festival :: DC  At the time I had a really short, pixie-cut hairstyle. I had actually been wondering if maybe my haircut would lead me to receive some pick-up attempts or not by any women. But alas, their gaydar went beyond the haircut and no one hit on me. Ashley = 0 points. As Devin and I were walking away from the festival, we passed a couple girls sitting on a bench. Devin overheard their debate as to whether I was gay or not because of my hair. Point Ashley!

Freddie's :: Crystal City, VA  My boss is a DJ on the side. She invited some of us out to see her DJ at this gay bar which was flamingoed to the hilt and very pink and beachy.  While she spun those sick beats, I mingled with some coworker friends. I noticed the crowd there seemed mostly A. female and/or B. older and/or C. transsexual. I waited in the line for the women's restroom at one point. When a transvestite in a hot little white number came out, I went in to find the toilet seat up. Apparently science has not yet figured out how to detransfer that trait in the transgendering process. Back to mingling, and my bf Brian starts bragging to me how he got hit on by some dude - "Oh heyy honey!" - as he was walking through the crowd.  I asked, "Who was it?" He points to a bald overweight guy in the corner table, to which our coworker responds, "Oh! You mean the BLIND guy!?" Turns out he really was blind and said the same lines to everyone he accidentally ran into on the dancefloor.  Maybe next time Bri:(