13 July, 2011

The Numbers Game

ONE  The number of friends I've lost this summer. Not tragically, just due to that person gaining a significant other, which is completely lame.

TWO  The number of job application rejection letters I received in the last few weeks. This doesn't include the non-responses from several other jobs I applied to. C'mon economy!

THREE  The amount in dollars I won from buying a lottery ticket. Watch out, bank account!

FOUR  The number of jobs I am now working. I'm all over the place, man.

FIVE  The number of Stats lessons I have done in the last few days. My brain hurts. But only three. more. to. go. finally.

SIX  This is how many weeks are left in my cell phone contract, which I don't want to renew. I can only hope my phone lasts that long. It's been turning itself off a lot lately, which I think is its way of telling me to just let it go...but I will work it to the grave.

SEVEN/EIGHT  Finally finished watching the last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm (season 7). Perfect timing for the new season 8 which has just begun:)

NINE  The number of weeks until I go to FL for my aunt's nursing program graduation, and then NC to see friends. But who's keeping track... :)

TEN  The number of dogs and animals (a bearded dragon!?) I will be walking and/or sitting this summer. And counting.

05 July, 2011

On the bottom (but looking up?)

I know I've been a bit downtrodden lately. A bit of a "negative nancy" if you will. I have been rather consumed by the constant stream of bad luck that seems to be bombarding me. I don't want to be so blah. I am trying to be positive. I am trying to be proactive about things. But you know what? It's not so easy. Especially when your day goes like this:

1. Take car to Costco for 2 new tires. Waiting time is 1 hour and 45 minutes. That's ok, I came prepared with a book and my laptop. No wifi? Ok, I still have my book. But then I didn't really feel like reading, so I perused the warehouse. After an hour, I decided it was time for lunch - costco hot dog and soda for a buck fifty! Finally something to look forward to!

2. Ah, but wait. They only accept cash and I have but $1.25...damnit! But wait again! It's costco, they have everything. They even have an ATM!

3. I request $80 from the ATM. "Do you want a receipt?" it asks. "No, thanks!" I say. I figure I am saving a tree. Or at least a twig on a tree. ATM dispenses cash. Hmm...only $20.

4. Have to file a dispute with Costco, who has to file an inquiry with the 3rd party vendor who operates this ATM. I call my bank. While on the phone with the bank, my cell phone drops the call.

5. I desperately need a new cell phone because it's constantly dropping calls and turning itself off. BUT I only have 6 weeks left on my contract and I don't want to renew.

6. I tried selling some old clothes to a resale shop nearby. I thought, maybe I can make some pocket change. Unfortunately my clothes were "too mature" and "older styles" than what they were looking for. I get it. I'm old and unhip. 

7. I get my car back with 2 new tires. But my car is still driving like something's wrong. It's possible I need the other 2 tires replaced or some other work done...

8. And now, who knows when I'll get that invisible money back...

Will this madness end already? Can someone PLEASE just throw me a bone here!?! I'm still looking for a job and out of cash for these stupid "emergencies." Murphy, please take your law and shove it.