09 November, 2010

Pursuit #54: Pursuit of Authenticity (?!?)

I read another article recently in Natural Health about how pursuing happiness basically backfires and makes us less happy. Sad face, :( womp womp.  

So instead of pursuing happiness (which according to the article only sets us up for disappointment because our goals are too high and continually get higher as we progress and we're not able to achieve all the things we set out to do to make us happy), what should we pursue? 

...Authenticity!! Woo hooo!!!! Let's all race each other to be more authentic than our neighbors!!! But wait. What does being "authentic" even mean? Well, Natural Health says essentially it means living your life as a normal (read: authentic) human being, letting yourself succumb to sadness and disappointment once in awhile as the feelings come to you. The old adage "taking the good with the bad" would apply here.

Well, ok. I can be authentic. In fact, I think I'm always authentic. Sometimes I'm happy. Sometimes I'm a little sad. Instead of touting pursuing "authenticity" they should really just say, "Let's just keep our expectations low. You know, then that way we'll never be disappointed! Huzzah!!"

01 November, 2010

Pursuit #53: Vegetarianism Through the Eyes of My Aunt

"Here's some rice. Don't worry, it's just chicken flavored."

"Try this veggie soup. I doctored it with some beef bouillon to make it taste better."

"I made these chicken enchiladas for dinner. You can just pick out the chicken, there's not that much in there."