24 June, 2010

Things I ponder most days, these days...

1. Due to the inhospitability of this planet as of late, I am considering real estate options on another planet. Or the moon. Yes, zero gravity beats 98 degree heat and Code Orange air day after day.

2. Sometimes people say they are young at heart. But I am quite sure I am 80 years old at heart.  I fell down the stairs the other day and got whiplash. The geriatric me is just dying to get out.

3. Online class should be spelled b-a-c-k-f-i-r-e. 

4. If you stare at your beloved glass ring you purchased in Spain contemplating its amazing strength and resilience to breaking, it will thank you later that very day by shattering to pieces. Damn you Murphy!

5. I tried not to, but I still love Diet Coke.

6. According to my psychology textbook, they still really don't know what they're talking about with psychology. Can I take my final now?