03 December, 2009

Job : Boils :: Ashley : Roommates

Trash night is on Wed. nights at our house. Last week I took the trash out, and brought it back in, as the ritual goes. On Mon. night I see this note to me in the dining room:

Really?! Cause it's much more important that I go outside 2 days before the trash is supposed to go out and physically rotate the cans the optimal 180 degrees instead of my roommate doing it when it's actually her turn to take out the garbage. I probably saved her about 10 seconds of her life. (However, those 10 seconds were completely negated when she took at least that to write me that note.)

This was almost as bad as my previous roommate a couple years ago who said to me, "Ashley, when you take a shower, will you put the toilet seat lid down? I don't like it if I have to use the bathroom after you've showered and there's condensation on the toilet seat, even though I know it's just water."  

So now I'm thinking, I should start leaving notes too! My first one will be:
"Roomie -
Please turn all the soap dispensers in the house so that the spouts form right angles with the faucet handles, ensuring that my hand to dispenser trajectory is most efficient."