28 May, 2008

The grossest words in the English language. Period.

Fact: Words with "oi" in them are all gross words. Even if the word itself is not inherently gross, it just sounds gross when you say it because of that sound "oyyyy."

Disclaimer: These words are gross.

Boil: as in skin lesions.
Soil: "I've soiled myself!"
Groin: uh, self-explanatory.
Loin: only worse when followed by "cloth."
Moist: to me, this is by FAR the WORST of them...it actually makes me shiver.
Ointment: I picture Preparation-H cream, which leads to the next item on the list...
Hemorrhoid: ...don't want to get into this one.
Coil: eww.
Toilet: gross things happen here.
Foil: not inherently gross, but just try saying it now without scrunching up your nose.
Poise: as in the adult diaper-esque product. Enough said.

Ok, now I've saved the best for last....drum roll please....


Suffice it to say, that combining any of these words together in a sentence exponentially increases the overall grossness factor. Try using the sentence, "Do you need some moist ointment for your groin?" in your next basic interaction. Or perhaps you could say, "I am boiling my soiled loincloth" when asked what you're up to today. Play around with this list. It is by no means an exhaustive one. Enjoyyyyyyy!!!

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