06 August, 2008

OH! So you DON'T like Bush. I couldn't tell...

A comedian once quipped that he liked bumper stickers only cause it saved him the time of wondering if he would ever be friends with that person. I couldn't agree more. Apologies to all of you out there who subscribe to this phenomenon of bumper tagging. But I'm not really talking about just one bumper sticker. Even two might be acceptable. It's really those who enter into bumper sticker hyper-obsessive stratus that concern me. Oh and those who choose the really crazy outlandish and or somewhat controversial bumper stickers. These little stickers really can pack a punch.

Case and Point:
To clarify:
1. I don't hate America, I just hate YOU!
2. At least in Vietnam, Bush had an exit strategy

3. If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention
4. Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism

5. F the President

6. F the MPAA

7. F the RIAA

8. "There ought to be limits to freedom." - G.W. Bush

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I sense anger here. Talk about road rage.

Now, I enjoy scuba diving. I do. I've been on several trips diving. where the sole purpose is scuba. But yet somehow I don't feel the need, as the driver of a Nissan Maxima I saw the other day felt, to display his obsessive, borderline irrational love for scuba diving. He actually thought, (and I paraphrase) "Four stickers on my back windshield commenting on my love for Scuba and showing the Scuba flag are not ENOUGH! I need MORE!!" So more he got. These ones made claims about his love of Scuba over his wife, as if we needed reiteration on what his TRUE passion may be.

Then there's the Jesus fans. These are more prevalent than I thought. Many a time at a stoplight I have been contemplating the words to a Mariah Carey song when BAM! I see this:

This makes continuing to listen to "Touch My Body" a tad bit awkward.

Lastly (although I could go on and on about Vanity plates and other car paraphernalia), I don't understand this:Does posting this make people drive any more cautious around you? I can only hope that if I'm spinning out of control, doing 360's on the freeway at 80 mph in a failed attempt to avoid hitting a tree limb in the roadway, that I can miraculously swerve away from your Dodge Stratus and protect you and your child. Safety first, folks.


dfoster said...

I'd like to get a full rear-windshield sized sticker of an American flag. Talk about cool.

molly said...

my brother and i once saw a car completely covered in bumper stickers. i mean completely covered. my brother said, "that's one way to make a car really ugly."

I also like the people who still have the Gore 2000 or Kerry in '04 stickers. It's like they are abdicating any responsibility for the current national situation.

Alexandra said...

Hey Ashley, when are you going to need more blogging therapy?