13 March, 2010


A coworker told me about this awesome website for eyeglasses. Since I have been recruited (not by choice) to the world of eyeglass wearers, I thought I'd spread the word.

The website http://www.warbyparker.com/ will send you up to 5 pairs of glasses without the lenses to try on at home. They'll supply you with a pre-paid envelope to mail them back within 7 days. They'll replace any glasses you don't like, no questions asked. They're affordable. They're stylish (though they follow the trend of thicker and bigger frames, which are oh so hot right now). They will also donate a pair of glasses to someone in need with every pair that you purchase. They are awesome!

These are the ones I bought.

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Mer Swift said...

Awesome! Thank you! I was just looking at frames today!