30 July, 2010

Pursuit #4: Work = Games

The Pursuit: 
Today I shadowed a couple Occupational Therapists at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in DC. I have shadowed OT's in other locations including the Outpatient Therapy side of the NHR. But today was my first time shadowing on their Inpatient Therapy side. And lucky for me, I got to shadow the pediatrics unit, as well as the Brain Injury unit which I find fascinating. 

The Findings:
My day consisted of: playing Wii Bowling, the board game Guess Who?, soccer, horseshoes, a princess game, "grocery shopping" and velcro/tennis ball catch. And that was just a typical work day! I think I could get used to this Occupational Therapy thing:) The best part is seeing how happy the kids were and to hear from the therapists how far each of the patients has come. One adult brain injury patient was sadly going to be sent to a nursing home because his family didn't want him. So the OT spent the last session shaving off his beard that had developed. It's the simple things like that that really make a difference for these patients who have been hospitalized for so long.

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