02 December, 2010

Pursuit #55: A smorgasbord

I haven't had anything really blogworthy happen recently. Here's a sampling platter to satiate your palate however.

Recent Lessons Learned (I like lists):

1. Sometimes you may wake up to your alarm contemplating how Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor and his on-screen wife were a really good match on Home Improvement. Take it from me, you just can't refute your subconscious on this one.

2. According to my Developmental Psychology teacher, we are finally back on track to living several hundred years, as Moses and Methuselah* of Biblical times did. Now the maximum age of a person is like 122 years old. Only 847 more years to go! She also tells us that there is no biological reason for aging...this is why she doesn't teach biology.

*Methuselah reportedly lived to be 969 years old, while Moses reportedly lived to be 120.

3. Sometimes people will hire someone to walk their dog during the middle of the day, even when they are home. We don't know why.

4. Sometimes dogs pee on each other. We also don't know why.

5. Always ask how much the sushi lunch buffet is BEFORE you fill up your to-go box. But the tempura sushi sure was tasty!

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