16 June, 2008

A Southern Blog.

Last weekend I was in North Carolina for my cousin's (2nd) wedding. Raleigh to be exact. And yes, it is very much "The South." Let me explain. It's almost magical how the moment you cross the border you encounter people like waitresses who call you "Honey" and "Darlin" or other variations of pet names, said by total strangers. Friendly? I guess. Then there's the accent. It definitely still thrives there, hearkening back to the days of Scarlet O'Hara. I would just love for someone to meet me and say something like, "Yankees in Tara (or Raleigh)?!?!?!" Although, I guess being from Virginia doesn't qualify me as a Yankee. I still consider Northern Virginia to be basically an entire different state than the rest of Virginia, but that's a whole other story....I digress. Then there's things like the State Fair Grounds where I saw more John Deere tractors in one place than I think I'll ever see, short of visiting a John Deere factory. I was sad to miss the Hog Racing (not Harley's...actual hogs or pigs as most would call them) and the Roller Derby. Yes, you heard me. How awesome would these events have been to encounter? The answer is Incredibly Awesome. Too bad my cousin had to have his wedding that day. So we perused the Flea Market and the Petting Zoo. I tested out old velvet covered couches and fed a camel and a llama. Just your typical Saturday morning in Raleigh. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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