17 May, 2009

Conversations with an 8 year old, via Gmail

My 8 year old niece recently got gmail and has since been sending me emails and chats. Below are the all-too-riveting conversations we are having. Why aren't we all this succinct? Please note these three messages were sent before I had a chance to respond to each separately, so I basically just responded to all simultaneously.

Subject: nothing [subject line was not blank, she actually wrote the word "nothing"]
Alicia: "hello,
how are you doing?"
Me: "Hi Alicia!
When did you get this email address? I'm doing well, how are you doing?
I'm done with school. Now I'm just working.
When are you done with school?"
Alicia: "I'm done with school on Brandons birthday.
I got my email address on the 16th.
I'm doing fine."

nothing [again]
Alicia:"Hello Ashley cherryblossom,
I'm just wondering how you are doing?"
Me: "Hi Alicia,
Why am I Ashley cherryblossom??"
Alicia: "I dont now?"

Alicia: hi AshleyI was just wondering how school is


Peppermint Patty said...

Haha--Oohh to be 8 yrs old again!

Alexandra said...

So, how is school going?