14 October, 2010

Pursuit #50: Chi-Town

I love Chicago. Like, I want to marry it. It's got delicious burgers (try the kobe burger - probably my favorite burger ever), hot dogs, tea cafes with visible brewing rooms in the back and tea-infused eats, aggressive plans for making the city greener, intriguing architecture, good shopping (Wicker Park and West Town etc), rivers and lakes, a beach, blues/jazz clubs. It's like NYC, but at least 11 times less filthy (this is evidence-based research since every time I am in NYC I get dirty fingernails and black boogers by the end of the day...but not in Chicago!) and 7 times less crowded. I used to love NYC, and I still hold it dear, but then...I found Chicago and it is my latest love affair. I was also excited thinking there were less hipsters in Chicago, but then I went to Logan Square and that's where they all live apparently.  Anyway. Chicago or bust. 

Chicago at night:)

The theatre

View from our hotel room of Marina City, House of Blues & the corncob buildings

Fall colors by the Art Institute

Just a giant eyeball, no big deal

10.10.10 and the runners are off!

It actually got up to 84 degrees on marathon day. HOT!

Remember this scene from Married With Children?! "Love and marriage, love and marriage..."

Bridge city

Bike racks at the subway stations, what a novel idea (DC hint hint)

The brewing room at Argo Tea

Cool architecture everywhere

The cloud

Not a UFO, it's an ampitheater

A fountain face

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