07 April, 2011

Pursuit #69: Dinosaurs with feathers

Today my coworker told me about a new TV show coming out involving 3 things:

1. Mike Tyson
2. Pigeons
3. Reality (as in a reality show)

No, this is not one of those Sesame Street games where you try to figure out which one of these things doesn't belong, because frankly none of them should fit together. I wasn't able to embed the video, but this Larry King interview with Mr. Tyson is really...intriguing. I learned that pigeon-racing is one of Mike's passions, and furthermore that it is "one of the most popular sports in the world." I would say that that last statement is a bit speculative... Also, this man has a tattoo on his face.

Yep. This is weird.
Personal Disclaimer: Birds are gross*. I had to feed some baby birds when I worked at an animal hospital in high school. They just pooped all over their cages (and on themselves) and squawked incessantly. I had to feed them eye droppers full of mushy cat food. Baby birds look freakish without all their feathers and they constantly just have their mouths open and eyes closed. Then one of the vets went out of town and left her parrot at the hospital for us to care for. Everyday the bird sang "Brat Bird" to the tune of the old Batman song and screamed "Help!" like it was dying.

When I was about 5, a mother goose chased me and hissed at me at a petting zoo because I got too close to its youngin's. I still have nightmares about that. I have also been pooped on many different times by these filthy creatures. (Some say it is a sign of good luck to be pooped on by a bird. Those people have obviously never been pooped on.) Recently a kamikaze dive-bombing bird with only half a beak attacked me and my french fries whilst dining al fresco at a restaurant in DC. I could go on. But there's your reality show - birds pooping on people, being aggressive and annoying. Isn't that the only reality about birds?

*I find toucans, penguins and puffins to be the only acceptable types.

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Ryan and Erin said...

You are my favorite writer. Dave Barry is in a close second right now. Love you!