17 March, 2015

Leave your dignity at the door, please

Sometimes I'm sitting there at work, and kind of step outside of myself. I'm watching myself from an outsider perspective. And I can't help but think "Whoa. How did I get here??? How is this my life??"

Perhaps I've always done this. Perhaps we all do this (anyone...Bueller?!).

Mostly I think this because my job now entails a lot of nudity, old people, "Code Browns," and just a lot of body-related stuff. Yep, you guessed it! I'm in healthcare!!!! Woo hoo! Sometimes I'm standing there watching some old naked person wipe their butt on the toilet, and it crosses  my mind that, "Huh. I got a masters degree for this..." 

I'm also astounded at how completely desensitized I've become at being around so many old naked people, having to help wipe people's butts, being so privy to the intimate, gross things that happen to or appear on people's bodies, the nasty smells and sights, all the shedding skin (dry heave)...and more. It's just,"All in a day's work!" now.

Who am I?!?! 

I actually forget that people bathing, dressing themselves, and using the toilet is normally a private and personal thing. It's just so non-eventful for me now to have to stand there nearby or physically help people do those things, that I am actually taken aback when someone acts embarrassed. It jolts me back to the reality that what my job entails is oh, a wee bit of a privacy invasion and dignity-stealer.

But really there is basically no privacy in the hospital, let's be honest...There should really be a sign at the entrance to the hospital that states, "Leave your dignity at the door." Like a drunk girl getting out of a cab, just leave everything behind!! 

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