19 March, 2009

Don't Fear the Reaper, Fear the Rascal!

Dreams seem to be a good blog topic. I'd love to hear anyone's interpretation of this gem:

Last week, I dreamt I was trying to park my car in a rather full parking lot. It was nighttime, and I had two friends in the car with me. I pulled into part deux of the parking lot (like the overflow section) and finally see an open spot. I'm pulling towards this spot head on. Still a decent distance away from the spot, I see an old man on a Rascal scooter scoot his way across this spot. Then he actually stops right in front of this ONLY open parking spot. Oh, nooo he didn't!!!

But he did.

Then he and the scooter fell over. I gasped in horror and sadness and was about to take action of some sort. But before I could do anything, he leapt up from the ground and bounded toward my car at superhuman speed/strength (not unlike zombies do in that zombie movie with Will Smith, or any other movie about the "undead..."). Luckily I reacted fast enough to lock the car doors before he was able to open them, and I floored it forward into the grass just to get away. The End.

Mildly disturbing? Perhaps. Now I really question those 80-something Rascals...and their scooters too.

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

It was definitely a warning. The elderly in motorized wheelchairs are not to be trusted.