26 September, 2009

Dating Advice from an Aquabats Fan

Friday I sent an IM (aka a Spark as it's called at work) to a coworker to check on something for me. He responded at one point with a line from an Aquabats song, which I'm pretty much unfamiliar with, but happened to see live once in DC on a date. So I said, I've seen them live! thus spurring a further and quirky conversation with probably the quirkiest character that I work with.

Exhibit A:

Quirky: So yeah
Quirky: WHen did you see the Aquabats?
Me: hmm a few years ago
Ashley Gerber: at Nation. that club they closed in like SE
Ashley Gerber: i think
Quirky: I went to Nation quite a lot
Quirky: And I may have been at that show
Me: oh cool
Me: they put on a pretty entertaining show
Quirky: Got any of their albums?
Me: no. i hadn't listened to them before that concert. someone took me there. on a date haha
Quirky: Was it a first date?
Me: uhh, maybe? maybe like 2nd
Me: i think it was the first one
Me: and the last hahha
Quirky: Yeah, I can see that
Quirky: I love the Aquabats
Quirky: But I would have to have been seeing someone for like 6 months before I took them to one of their shows
Quirky: I would be like "Hey, I'm busy this night, but do you wanna get gelato Friday?"

So there you have it. Dating advice from an Aquabats fan. 

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molly said...

The bass player of the Aquabats is one of the guys on Yo Gabba Gabba. He's the voice of Muno. Is it wrong that I kind of like the Aquabats?