05 August, 2010

Pursuit #10: The Omnivore's Dilemma

I am almost done with this book, The Omnivore's Dilemma. And it has made me run a gamut of emotions about the food I eat. 

The first portion of the book made me completely grossed out by the industrial food market, with its chemically processed ingredients that encompass most foods bought in the grocery store. Not only are they full of pesticides and antibiotics and the animals are treated horrendously, but on top of that, almost every ingredient in most prepacked food is derived from or indirectly stems from corn. We're just giant ears of corn walking around. Gross.

Then the middle portion of the book left me less than impressed with the organic food market and its big name giants like Whole Foods. It's an industrial food market in and of itself that may not be that much better due to the USDA's elastic rules as to what they consider "organic." We're still giant ears of corn walking around, just shelling out more $$ to have our exotic foods shipped in from the nether regions of the world.  

I was truly impressed with the farm the author does a mini-apprenticeship at and writes about. It's called Polyface Farm and it's right here in VA!

I was impressed with the science behind their farming techniques. It's so simple and logical since it is based off the intrinsic laws of nature and ecology - the interplay of the animal, grass, and insect species. I had no idea a field of grass was so complex and diversified as I found out through this book. Polyface runs a completely transparent farming operation that is open to anyone to stop by and check them out. They're beyond organic obviously. And they let their animals live out their animal characteristics in a humane environment. I was excited to see that they sell some of their food to some local restaurants near me, some of which I've even been to. I am thinking a visit to Polyface is in order! Luckily this farm is close enough to me, I could get goods from them. But not matter where I live in the future, I am convinced that going local, organic and sustainable is the way to go. 

Moo! Go local!

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