31 August, 2010

Pursuit #34: Moving picture shows

I never watch TV.

I should clarify.  I never watch live TV, er TV with commercials. Only shows on DVD (or what Comcast blessedly provides for me on On Demand). The little free time I have that I agree to partition to the viewing of moving pictures, I generally reserve for selective shows and/or moviesAnd I'm highly selective.

Now, I don't have any scientific evidence to back up this theory, so don't go publishing my findings or anything. But I hypothesize that 30 Rock is a healer.

Every time I have a crappy day or an exhausting day and I need a veg time out before going onto other activities, I watch 30 Rock. I equate it to a power nap. However, instead of lazing away in my bed for 20 odd minutes conjuring up bizarre dreams about becoming a surrogate mother to a baby koala in a parking garage (disclaimer: actual dream I just had), I can laugh, emote, veg almost brainlessly, and fantasize about how Tina Fey is my long lost mother. All that and a bag of popcorn! It's so much more productive than sleeping, and immensely *satisfying.
Tracy Jordan: I'm gonna make you a mix tape. You like Phil Collins?
Jack Donaghy: I've got two ears and a heart, don't I?

*Unless you're sleep deprived, then generally sleeping is a good idea.


alexandra said...

Have you seen Malcom in the Middle? It can heal you, too.

molly said...

i love 30 rock! and i love that you had a dream of being a koala's surrogate. that is TERRIFIC! You always have the best dreams!

Shlee said...

You know, I never watched Malcolm in the Middle. There are so many shows to keep up with! So little time!

Mer Swift said...

Oh I SO love 30 Rock. I haven't ever seen Malcolm in the Middle either!