03 August, 2010

Pursuit #8: I need a j-o-b

I'm looking for a part-time job. I hate looking for jobs almost as much as having them. Just kidding...sort of. But really, for me searching for jobs is right next to, or quite possibly even superior to, grocery shopping as one of my least favorite activities.

As I was doing my reading for psychology, I came upon this tidbit in the textbook about job satisfaction:
"Obviously, job satisfaction depends largely on the job itself, including the interest level, the pay, coworkers, and management. It also depends on the worker's personality. Some people are just easier to please than others...if your close relatives say they are happy with their jobs, you probably will be also...You don't inherit your job, but you inherit your disposition...People who are prone to unpleasant feelings become exhausted with their work faster than others and are likely to complain of 'job burnout.'"
So now I know who to blame for my dislike of jobs! How do I become easier to please? How can I fight you, genetics?!


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