02 August, 2010

Pursuit #7: Morrie-ism

Sometimes the stars don't align for me - things don't go the way I envisioned them in my fantasy world (it's PG-13, don't worry) - and that frustrates me.

Sometimes I get really stressed out - all these little things keep mounting until I feel suffocated under this giant steaming ball of...poop - and that frustrates me (cause who wants to be suffocated by poop?)

Sometimes I feel like I just wake up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed -  I feel like that giant steaming ball of poop, but I don't know why - and that frustrates me.

And that is just reality.

I remember a snippet from Mitch Albom's book Tuesdays with Morrie, which I read quite a few years ago. It has really stuck with me since. When Mitch is interviewing Morrie, who is suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease (a progressive neurodegenerative fatal disease), he asks how Morrie can stay so positive each day. Morrie responds by saying some mornings he wants to cry and feel sorry for himself. So he does. He lets himself feel pain, sadness, grief or whatever the negative emotion is. But then he tells himself, "Ok, that is what sadness feels like. Now it's time to move on." (I'm paraphrasing).

Just have to remember to let myself feel, but not dwell.

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