01 August, 2010

Pursuit #6: The Pursuit

The Pursuit:
A lot of people move to LA or NYC to try to make it big or get discovered. You find them working as waiters/waitresses at California Pizza Kitchen, working at FAO Schwartz and cowboy boot stores (Nashville only) and the people wearing signs out in the street handing you coupons to broadway shows...And for like 99.99% of these people, their big break never comes. So it's easy to be cynical when someone has such dreams.

The Findings: 
But for this girl Christina Perri, it actually happened. Working as a waitress in LA, writing and recording songs in her free time, she had a Rockette friend who slipped her demo to a radio exec who asked Christina for a recording to use on So You Think You Can Dance. After it aired, within a whirlwind month, she got a record breaking number of downloads of her single Jar of Hearts before she even had got her record deal, and an offer to tour with Jason Mraz. Who knows how long this roller coaster will last for her, but I think she has talent...and I am the final say when it comes to that, obviously. If I could sing, I wish I had her voice - deep, dark, sultry. I enjoy her blog cause she's very honest and raw and she has posted some videos of her singing. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like I can hear the passion in her voice. My favorite is this one:

Now I feel like such an underachiever and need to go do something with my life...But seriously, I like seeing hard working people with talent achieve their dreams much more than I do seeing a factory-molded pop artist churned out by the record label. Way to go, Christina!

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Anne P said...

What a beautiful voice. I love that song she's covering, too.