06 August, 2010

Pursuit #11: W&OD Good Samaritan

Today is very hot. Approaching 90 degrees, plus the wonderful humidity which was approx 80% when I started my 15 mile journey this morning.


Somewhere around mile 13.5, I was sucking on the dredges of my Camelbak. I came upon an oasis on the trail - a water fountain - only to find that this oasis was more like a mirage, producing only a teasing trickle of water that wouldn't make it to my mouth.

Just a mirage...

A fellow runner was able to refill his fuel belt water bottles in the trickle and instantly handed me one, then another to polish off. I don't think I would have made it much further if he hadn't. He's my hero for the day. We were both struggling in the heat on the trail though he was pursuing a whopping 19 miles. For both of us at that point, it was a run/walk scenario. But I made it. Thank you good samaritan!! It's so nice to know that my fellow runners got my back. And vice versa of course.

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