26 August, 2010

Pursuit #14-31: The UK...I approve.

So I'm going to have to cheat and just lump all the days I missed into 1 uber-post. I had a wonderful time in Englandia/Scotlandia. I will post pictures...eventually, however I had a mishap with a carousel in York that left my camera busted. (Who falls off an unmoving carousel?!?!? MEEE!!!)

My trip in a nutshell:

Stonehenge - cool, but also just how I imagined it would look from photos.

Salisbury - my first introduction into English cities outside London. Yummy Cornish meat pasty!

Bath - Victorian bed & breakfasts, Roman history, fancy English Afternoon Tea at the Pump Room, drank from the Roman Bath mineral water, but didn't get to take a dip in the new thermal baths though:(

Oxford - Harry Potter movie scenes everywhere!

Stratford-upon-Avon - city is so so, but the Royal Shakespeare Company production of As You Like It was phenomenal.

The Cotswolds - charming, quaint country villages with thatched roof houses:)

Warwick - Disneylandish Medieval castle where we saw some jousting; wasn't allowed into the Princess Tower because it is "an attraction for children" which I think is discriminatory...

Derby - pretty countryside of rolling green hills.

Chatsworth House - this house belongs to the Dutchess of Devonshire and I think I would be pals with her. The house is cool, but they have an awesome eclectic collection of art and some amazing grounds full of fountains, sheep, and roosters and of course pretty flowers.

York - Old city wall, more fascinating Roman history equipped with modern ghost stories when you explore the underground of the city from Roman times; The Shambles reminded me of a Charles Dickens novel.

Edinburgh -A city bursting with plaid and tricky to understand accents, but how cool is the castle on the mound and bagpipers playing for handouts on the streets??

London - Wagamama and museums that are free but so full of treasures that it is just embarrassing to the rest of the worlds' museums. And Harrods. Holy cow. Like a mini-Vegas casino right in the heart of London...and what happens in Harrods, stays in Harrods;)

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