02 September, 2010

Pursuit #35: The Tangled Interweb

I thought it was odd when I got an ecard from some old grandma in my email inbox.

I ignored it and moved on with my life. (What grandmas are internet savvy, I mean really!? Suspicious!)

Later, I received another ecard from her, which I ignored as well. Then my elderly secret admirer/internet stalker sent me an email with an online photo album....ignored again. I thought this must be some hoax or malicious email virus thing. Then when she tried to add me as a friend on Facebook, I thought, "Oh, this poor old lady is just confused and has gotten my email address mixed up with someone else's!"

But the Interweb suddenly just got even more tangled. (Sounds like a catchy movie preview ad one liner. Are you hooked yet??) The latest email:
Hi Guys
As you know jusy spent last few days with Nan and she would really love it if we could all get together for her birthday, The weekend best would be after so weekend of the 15,16th and 17th October.
Can you all let me know if you can make it so I can let Nan know for definite.  Will also be good for us all to touch base about New year as well as having a nice birthday celebration for Nan.
Was thinking of a nice meal and any ideas on what to cook great i'm sure we can all club together or doa hot buffet what ever anyones fancies!
Speak to you all soon
Lorraine xxx

Suspicious part deux! And this is from an entirely NEW internet stalker, in the UK no less. (The UK has also been trying to recruit me, since I get weekly emails from some job site there telling me my resume looks great and they want to hire me. I never sent anyone my resume in the UK...) The above email was only sent to a total of 4 email addresses, all in the UK, except mine. There are no attachments. Pray tell, what does some internet evildoer gain from such an email as this? Do we really have to get so personal? Can we just leave Nan out of this mess for crying out loud!?! (P.S. I googled the sender, and she's a registered Hypnotherapist. Interpret this information as you will.) Or perhaps it really was just another Interweb fluke.

Nonetheless, a SHOUT OUT to all my internet stalkers out there:

I'm flattered. I really am. I appreciate all the requests to join your families, which I'm sure are fine families. But I already have a family. I don't need to join yours. I don't want to move to the UK (not yet at least). So let's all just work together to untangle our Inter-webs and go on living anonymously and ignorantly in this virtual world. Thank you and good night.

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molly said...

did you hear that Oxford was adding interweb into the dictionary this year? shameful! I like using it because it is a made up word, and now they have validated it. shoot!