11 September, 2010

Pursuit #39 I am officially a woman!

Never before had I looked at Woman's Day magazine, out of no intentional bias, i just didn't feel I was the "target audience." But I perused one at work the other day and I found out within a few pages that I am now officially a woman because Woman's Day is relevant to ME!

It seems to have a lot of good tips that interest me in my old age, like how to properly ventilate a room...yawn, actually maybe I'm not ready for that one yet. But most importantly it mentioned Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project and gave readers advice on how to start their own happiness projects, like ME!

And if you hadn't noticed the theme of my post, er my entire blog so far, it is ME! I just wanted to ensure you that this blog is still my own version of my Happiness Project and it's mine. So while sometimes I feel like posting seemingly off-tangent things, that's just kinda how my brain works. I'm still happy and pursuing more happiness!

To prove it, I made a short list of some of my little happiness-factors:

1. I use lots of exclamation points in my written communication now!!! (How many more exclamation points can I use and still be cool??)

2. I am slowly but surely powering through my never ending to-do-list, mostly school related.

3. I finally got to drive a pick up truck whilst blasting country music. Bucket list, check!

4. Have I told you lately, that I love SUSHI??? Anyone who knows me knows this is TREMENDOUS. I actually crave it now. Oh, and I like mushrooms now. Within reason (read: portobello burgers are still gross, but sliced up and mixed in or on my pizza is OK).

5. I learned that in a study where participants were asked to hold something in their mouths that forced the corners of their mouths downward (as in a frown) while doing an activity, they found the activity less enjoyable than those who were asked to do the same activity while holding something in their mouths that forced the corners of their mouths upward (as in a smile). So SMILE!

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