16 September, 2010

Pursuit #41: Misconceptions

The other day I was running and started thinking about odd comments people have said about me, to me or to someone I know. Granted everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think I can safely say I am none of these things. Suffice it to say that each of these comments were made by A) a total stranger B) A peer in a class who I barely interacted with or C) an occasional friend or family member who obviously doesn't know me very well.

1. "She has intimidating eyebrows."- middle school classmate to a friend of mine

2. "Your hair is so emo!" - some Korean girl I talked to at a random house party

3. "Do you play soccer? You just look like a soccer player." - tons of people asked me this in college, to the extent of asking me this when I walked by them in a classroom wearing regular school clothes or on the street. I dressed up as a soccer player for Halloween Junior year cause I thought that would be funny and ironic, only to have people ask me with all seriousness how soccer practice was.

4. "Were you a dancer? You walk like a dancer." - this just happened recently at work. One of the PT's asked me this cause she said I walk with my feet turned out. Thanks? I do have a secret regret of not becoming a ballerina, so I'll take it!

5. "She looks like she writes poetry. She doesn't cry in movies. Her clothes show she is in style, but doesn't care about being too trendy."- my Communications Theory professor had me and a few other people stand in the front of the class while class members answered specific questions about each of us based solely on visual perceptions (writes poetry? cries in movies? etc.) I am the opposite for the first two at least.

6. "Still waters run deep." - a family member, which is true sometimes I suppose. I call it "selective sharing."

7. "She's intimidating." - some girl in college freshman dorms to my friend, this still baffles me.

8. "You have sad eyes." - 7th grade friend, awkward moment.

9. "Excuse me, young man?" - old man to my back when I had a pixie cut.

This is sort of a running list. I may have to add to it periodically. I like re-reading them for a good chuckle.


Mer Swift said...

I enjoyed that. Funny funny.

Anne P said...

Lol this post is amazing.