19 September, 2010

Pursuit #44: Adventures in Blog Stalking

Have you ever blog stalked someone? (Maybe you're slyly nodding as you blog stalk me right now...)

Well, I am a blog stalker. I occasionally read the blog of a person who is an acquaintance of mine. I rarely see this acquaintance, but oddly now am fairly well-versed in this person's life. So when I actually did run into this person, I had to pretend like I had no idea about their new job, their weekend plans and their favorite things about fall. I felt it would be more creepy if I told them "I READ YOUR BLOG. I KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU EVEN THOUGH WE ONLY MET TWICE."

I am a horrendous liar so I'm sure the awkwardness of the conversation was felt across the room. I gave this person some "Congrats" on an event in their recent life. They look puzzled and even said, "...how did you know?" I covered up with a, "Oh, you know, Facebook," which they bought and is also partially true.

Then what else can a blog stalker say when out of the safety of her home and de-armed of her laptop? Pretty much nothing since any conversation attempt spiraled into utter ineptitude. But don't worry. I welcome all blog stalkers (like me!). All for one, and one for all!!

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