27 September, 2010

Pursuit #47: O.M.G. the G.R.E.

Am I ready you ask? Hmm, interesting question. Well, friend, I would say, "That's debatable." Let's examine further.

Writing Section (Issue Essay and Argument Essay)
Conclusion: Sure.
Evidence: I have 20 odd years of practice in school writing about "issues" and "arguments" (aka B.S.)
Assumptions: I can only hope I know enough about one of the broad topics they give me like environment or education systems to make a decent sounding argument for or against it.

Quantitative Section
Conclusion: There's a semblance of hope.
Evidence: My scores have generally improved from my diagnostic exam throughout my practice exams.
Assumptions: Math is like riding a bike...(?) I stopped riding this bike about 10 years ago. It's rusty. I'm rusty. I won't be popping any wheelies or riding without hands on the handlebars on the bike anymore, but at least I don't need the training wheels!

Verbal Section
Conclusion: Unclear. 
Evidence: My Diagnostic Exam score was higher than my 3 subsequent practice exams. (WTF prep class?!) And to polish that off, my instructor informed us that our actual Verbal scores will be approximately 70 points lower than what our practice scores are predicting. Ouch.
Assumptions: There is a God and He wants me to get into grad school.

1 Someday I will (hopefully) be glad "September Ashley" pulled through and took a (time-sucking, life-draining) month-long prep class to (allegedly) aid my cause in getting into grad school. But until that day, I would just like my life back.

2 I'm envisioning an Office Space moment involving a bat, shredder or blow-torch and my prep books when I'm finally done with this (forsaken) test.

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Anne P said...

Lol, love the commentary. ROCK IT OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!